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Thermocrete Ceramic Chimney Lining

Where we are dedicated in providing you with the utmost professional service for all your chimney needs. We provide service for both residential and commercial chimneys, from annual sweeping to rebuilding and relining.  Contact us to today and we'll send one of our professional chimney technicians your way!

Thermocrete - Spray On Ceramic Chimney Lining — Dover NJ

thermocrete spray on ceramic chimney lining | Dover NJThe Thermocrete process coats the inside of the chimney from top to bottom with a highly durable ceramic sealant. It is cost effective and ideal for use in your fireplace chimney, and in chimneys serving gas, oil, wood, or coal burning appliances. In addition Thermocrete is undergone rigorous UL Listing and it is an approved liner for gas and oil.

In addtion to residential applications, Thermocrete is an excellent solution for commercial and industrial chimney's.  It is better and easier to install that a stainless steel chimney liner for commerical and industrial chimney's.

The Thermocrete coating seals all small holes and cracks, strengthens the chimney, and increases efficiency without downsizing the flue significantly.

Approved Chimney has undergone extensive factory training and is a certified, factory trained Thermocrete Installer since 2005.

  • thermocrete chimney lining Dover NJThe patented Thermocrete CFS helps prevent structural fires caused by deteriorating bricks and joints
  • All Cracks and leaks that can lead to either cosmetic damage or possible carbon monoxide poisioning are sealed
  • Efficiency of your chimney is increased by smoothing the passageway and therby creating a faster and more uniform escape for the fire's smoke and gas
  • Repairs a variety of chimney damage
  • The application is fast, clean, and results in minimum disruption to your home
  • Thermocrete CFS is the most cost-effective chimney restoration and repair on th market today.

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