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According to Consumer Product Safety Commission there are 25,000 chimney fires every year. Annual sweeping and inspection of the chimney ensures you that your chimney is safe and maintains a safe operation.  Call us today and let one of our Certified Chimney Technician inspect and/or sweep your chimney.

Proper Chimney Maintenance.

Chimney Repair Dunellen NJ-The purpose of the chimney is to give certain products of combustion, which are toxic, a safe exit outside of the home. Chimneys are generally built at the same time the house is, therefore in older homes, the chimney may have been used to service three or four different types of heating technologies- coal, oil, wood or gas. Every time the heating equipment is changed, the chimney needs to be in accordance with its new system. The old chimney may not meet the requirements of the new venting system.

Condensation inherent in new high-efficiency equipment can cause major chimney damage

Chimney Damage Dunellen NJ-
Chimney Damage Dunellen NJ-
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Chimney Flue Damage Dunellen NJ-
As a result of a new modern efficient gas furnace installed in the chimney shown here, the new furnace created enormous condensation in the chimney itself which caused the flue inside and the chimney exterior to be completely damaged.

In addition to the condensation created by the newer furnace or boiler chimneys over time deteriorates as well. The outside of the chimney is exposed to weather, including cold air, water, snow and ice. The inside of the chimney is repeatedly heated and cooled, which causes problems with temperature-related expansion and contraction. Add on top of that potential hazards from wind and storm debris, and repairs that may not have used the proper mortar and you have a repair in the making.

But these hazards don�t take into account what happens inside the chimney day-in and day-out. The inside lining of the structure, which is traditionally made of terra cotta tile � can be damaged by water, sulfur and household solvents. These chemicals, along with water, break down the surface of the chimney lining. This damage occurs whether you use oil or gas as a heating fuel. Once the surface is damaged, the chimney lining deteriorates and small pieces of debris begin to accumulate at the base of the chimney. Advanced deterioration of the lining can cause the chimney to admit soot and toxic gases into the living space of the home.

Conventional chimney maintenance requires regular inspection and cleaning. Periodically, the outer mortar must be repaired, too. Ultimately, the chimney must be relined or repaired when the deterioration to the inside lining becomes significant. As you may have guessed, relining or repairs of a chimney aren�t cheap! It�s also one of those repairs that can�t be put off, and since it has to be done right, it is best done by someone who is experienced and certified by CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America).

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